Airplane Food

Airplane food seems to be a thing of the past. Some domestic airlines now provide food to purchase in flight, but it would be pretty awesome to think there would be a delicious meal waiting on board the next plane. This sure would beat finding your gate, only to realize there is no time to eat before your 3 hour flight, that passes directly through lunchtime and only offers peanuts or pretzels.

JetBlue Mint seems to be thinking about airplane food, as well as other flying comforts, and what that experience means for domestic flights. Teaming with Flying Food Group, a new food concept was created for their recently released JetBlue Mint. In this video, Stephen Parkerson gives some insight as to what this means for the food aspect of the experience.

With food like that, travelers will look forward to the meal that awaits. The service is currently limited and JetBlue does not serve all markets. Although, this has to make one think, what could this mean for the future of domestic airline food? Will there be additional changes in our future flying experience? We shall see.

If interested in reading more about JetBlue Mint, this article goes into a little more detail.

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