Have you heard of Trover? I found this app/website a few weeks ago and I will be using it often while traveling. Apparently, it’s been around a few years but it has just entered my life, so I thought I’d share in case you have not heard of it.


Basically, you upload photos, either from the website or the app, and identify the exact location. This will then share the photo and location with the Trover community. If you are traveling, or know you will be traveling somewhere, you can search the location and it will find places that others have loaded that are worth visiting.

For instance, if you are standing on the corner of 21st and 7th in New York City, you can open the app, let it find your location, and then it will show you places that are around you that might be of interest. The best part about this app is that these are not always your typical spots. It’s a great way to find a graffiti wall, flea market, small coffee shop or something else that might be a bit obscure and that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

If you like to travel and find new places, definitely check it out. Also, add me! I would love to follow you and find the cool spots you have found during your travels and adventures.

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