Chihuly in the Garden

Sol del Citron

Last week, while in Atlanta, we decided to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden and check out Chihuly in the Garden. This proved to be a great decision.

The exhibit includes 19 installation pieces that fit organically into the surroundings. The colorful glass sculptures range greatly in size. Some are small and well disguised, while others are large, grande and impossible to miss.

Here are a few that are well disguised.

Turquoise Marlins and Floats

Turquoise Marlins and Floats, 2015

Green Hornets and Waterdrops

Green Hornets and Waterdrops, 2016, Neodymium Reeds, 2014

Black and Green Striped Herons with Icicle Clusters

Black and Green Striped Herons with Icicle Clusters, 2015

These three are large, magnificent and hard to forget.

Indigo Blue Icicle Tower

Indigo Blue Icicle Tower, 2015

Indigo Blue Icicle Tower, 2015 - Up Close

Indigo Blue Icicle Tower, 2015 – detailed view

Sol del Citrón, 2014

Sol del Citrón, 2014

Sol del Citrón

Sol del Citrón, 2014 – detailed view

Sapphire Star

Sapphire Star, 2010

Sapphire Star

Sapphire Star, 2010 – detailed view

Fern Dell Paintbrushes, seen below, wins my vote for the piece that is incorporated best into the garden. The yellow and red of the installation paired with the blue Hydrangea are a perfect match.

Fern Dell Paintbrushes, 2016

Fern Dell Paintbrushes, 2016

Fern Dell Paintbrushes

Fern Dell Paintbrushes – detailed view

The Atlanta Botanical Garden itself is worth a visit if you have not ever been. These are a few beauties that live there permanently.



Blue and White, seen below in the Levy Parterre garden, is part of the permanent collection of the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Levy Parterre garden

Blue and White, Levy Parterre Garden

And this Earth Goddess? I really just want her to come hang out in my back yard for a while.

Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess

Chihuly decorated her nicely.

Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess dressed by Dale Chihuly

If you live near Atlanta or will be passing through, you will not be disappointed by spending your day strolling through Chihuly in the Garden. The exhibit can also be seen at night. Chihuly Nights is on my radar. I think a fall evening sounds perfect!




  1. I love your pictures of the Chihuly exhibit. I’ll be in Atlanta visited nag my son. I have tickets for a night tour in September. You have me really excited now.

    • Thank you so much! I still hope to get back to Atlanta to see Chihuly Nights before it closes. Let me know what you think after you see it.


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